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Investing in Your Values - Lessons From a Fisherman

Thank you to everyone who sent such kind thoughts on my first blog entry. 

My favorite  -- “Such beautiful writing from such a beautiful girl”  (Aww, thanks Mom!) 

When I first started my business, my brother Adam asked me about my goals.  “Grow, grow, grow, I want the business to grow!” I said.  “Well, why is growth so important?” he asked.  I thought, isn’t it obvious?  But then, he shared a parable that got me thinking: 

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Investing in Your Values – How it all Began

It is Sunday night, and I’m planning for the week ahead.  It will be busy at the office as my husband and I are leaving on Friday to visit his family in Washington, D.C.  I just finished a call with my daughter who is in Kansas City, having just started her first job out of college.  She mentioned that she’d love to join us in D.C., but… could we help out by paying for the plane ticket?   So we went online and… 

$650 for a round trip ticket!  You’d think that people in Kansas City don’t get to our nation’s capital that much.  Previously, I would have agonized a bit, then said nope, too expensive, she’ll have to join us next time.  However, today I decided to buy the ticket.  What changed?  How was I able to make the decision so quickly?

I applied my “Investing in Your Values” principles.  Let me tell you how this came about...

Determining my Values

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