If a Fundraising Letter Could Talk

With Thanksgiving behind us, the rest of the holidays are in sight…A crazy, chaotic, wonderful time.  Good luck to all of us making it through!

Today is Giving Tuesday (just in case you weren’t keeping track, Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday after Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, Black Friday, all following Thanksgiving Thursday). 

Giving Tuesday means…being inundated with fundraising requests.  I know – I have been involved in two major fundraising campaigns this year, so I may have been behind one of the letters you received. 

But, if that letter could talk!  Here is what it might say…
“Hi my name is Phil Anthropy…You can call me Phil.

Hey, before you throw me out or delete my email, do you have any idea what it took to get me here?! 

I am a simple man.   My normal attire is black ink on cream paper...

However, the volunteers wanted to give me a makeover and make me special.  Not my normal style, but you only live once so I was game.

For starters, I was born on a Google doc to arrange the meeting and discuss every detail, big and small –

 Let me tell you, these volunteers must really believe in what they are doing.  I witnessed hundreds of hours spent reviewing lists, making calls, sending emails, proofreading letters, stuffing envelopes, and who knows what else.  Oh, I know what else.  A lot of fun and interesting conversations (OK…a little gossiping).  But, I digress…

Why?  All to get me to you.

So, let me offer my most heartfelt thanks to those volunteers and staff that created me.  You’re the best!

And to you, my potential donors, thanks for considering my cause.  One letter, one call, one donation at a time, we’re making our world a better place.”