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Our Value Added Indexing® Insights offers our research and thoughts on wealth management, emphasizing a passive and index-based approach.

The 2010s - A Decade in Review

Think back to January 2010, when investors were still riding on the “roller coaster” of the global financial crisis. Here we are, 10 years later! Let’s take a look at the lessons we’ve learned.

January 2020
Living in Fear of a Market Downturn?

After strong market performance in 2019, many investors are anxious about what’s ahead. David Booth, founder of Dimensional Fund Advisors, addresses how investors can have a rewarding investment experience without trying to outguess the market’s direction.

December 2019
Pre-New Year's Resolutions Checklist

The holidays bring the usual talk of New Year’s resolutions. But first, take a look at our list of “Pre-New Year’s Resolutions” – key financial planning items that should be reviewed prior to year-end. Best wishes for the holidays!

December 2019
What Happens When You Fail at Market Timing

It's hard to predict the best days in the market, and the cost of missing them can be high. Here's what happens when you fail at market timing.

November 2019
A Tale of Two Decades - Lessons for Long-Term Investors

While U.S. stocks have recently outperformed their international counterparts, a look back over the last two decades shows the benefit of owning non-US stocks as well.

October 2019
Rappaport Reiches Capital Management receives Schwab Advisor Services’ Operational Excellence Award

On August 6th, Rappaport Reiches Capital Management was honored to receive Schwab Advisor Services’ 2019 Operational Excellence Award for Registered Investment Advisory firms. One of only four firms chosen nationally for implementing state of the art cybersecurity and efficiency practices to enhance the client experience, RRCM is appreciative of this prestigious industry recognition. The award was presented at Schwab’s 2019 SOLUTIONS® conference and received on stage by principals Shari Greco Reiches and David Rappaport as well as Director of Operations, Karen L. Asbra, CFP®. The official press release can be found here:

September 2019
IPOs: Profiles Are High. What About Returns?

There’s been lots of excitement surrounding recent initial public offerings (IPOs) of companies familiar to investors, such as Uber and Lyft. Dimensional’s research team looks beyond the hype, and reviews IPO returns.

August 2019
Timing Isn’t Everything

Over the course of a summer, it’s not unusual for the stock market to be a topic of conversation at barbeques or other social gatherings.

July 2019
About that 10% return…

But how often did investors actually receive 10%, or close to that, in any given year?

June 2019
Shari Reiches interviewed on Becker Group Business Strategy 15 Minute Podcast

Scott Becker of Becker Group Business Strategy interviews Shari Reiches. The discussion covers Shari building her wealth management business, growing up in an entrepreneurial family, partnerships, raising children and more...

April 2019
The Index Bogeyman

Is the popularity of index funds distorting market prices?

February 2019
Deja Vu All Over Again

We take a look back at investment fads over the years, which illustrate how often trendy themes come and go.

February 2019
Here’s the Prescription

Improving someone’s financial health is a lot like improving their physical health. The challenges associated with pursuing a better financial outcome include diagnosis of the current situation, development of the appropriate course of action, and sticking with the treatment plan.

December 2018
Why Should You Diversify?

While international and emerging markets stocks have delivered disappointing returns relative to the US over the last few years, in the long-term a global approach to equity investing can provide diversification benefits as well as potentially higher expected returns.

December 2018
The Flat-Out Truth

An analysis of yield curve inversions (periods in which short-term interest rates are higher than long-term interest rates) shows that an inversion may not be a reliable indicator of stock market downturns.

November 2018
Midterm Elections—What Do They Mean for Markets

Dimensional Fund Advisors offers perspective on market returns during mid-term elections.

November 2018
Total Cost of Ownership

When selecting an investment strategy, the costs you expect to pay are an important factor.

October 2018
A Formula for Success

Combining an enduring investment philosophy with a simple formula that helps maintain investment discipline can increase the odds of having a positive financial experience.

April 2018
Recent Market Volatility

After a period of relative calm in the markets, the increase in volatility in the stock market has resulted in renewed anxiety for many investors.

February 2018
As Goes January, So Goes the Year?

Does the S&P 500’s performance in January predict whether stocks will rise or fall during the remainder of the year?

January 2018
Lessons for the Next Crisis

Lessons learned upon the 10-year anniversary of the S&P 500 Index peak before losing more than half its value over the next year and a half during the global financial crisis.

October 2017
New Market Highs and Positive Expected Returns

Research into stock price history tells us that a market index being at an all-time high generally does not provide actionable information for investors.

June 2017
Wall Street Journal – Dimensional Fund Advisors

A Wall Street Journal profile of Dimensional Fund Advisors

October 2016
Presidential Elections and the Market

Over the long run, the stock market has provided substantial returns regardless of who controlled the executive branch.

October 2016

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