Our Story

Rappaport Reiches Capital Management was founded in 2005 by Shari Greco Reiches and David Rappaport. Stephen Reiches joined soon after, finalizing our management team. With over 40 years of shared experience in wealth management, private banking and estate planning, we set out to create a client-centered firm that would focus intensely on best practices.

We also wanted to avoid the efforts of traditional Wall Street brokerage firms - predicting which stocks or funds will "outperform", or basing decisions on speculation if the markets will go up or down. Academic research shows that most mutual funds or money managers fail to beat their benchmark index over time. Research also proves the folly of trying to time the markets.

With this in mind, we dedicated our Firm to efforts that add value to our clients:

  • Outstanding service and attention to detail
  • Customized investment planning
  • Disciplined long-term thinking
  • Low costs
  • Tax-efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Earning capital market rates of return

...while avoiding strategies that are unproductive:

  • Choosing funds based on past performance
  • Continuously changing managers or funds
  • Making decisions based on short-term forecasts or predictions
  • Constant buying and selling
  • High fees
  • Underperforming the indexes

Our process begins with a detailed Financial Goal Plan taking into account each client's unique objectives and resources. Additionally, through our Family CFO Checklist, we advise and consult on a wide range of critical financial issues beyond investment planning and management.

We have partnered with world class money managers Dimensional Fund Advisors and Vanguard that specialize in "passive" or index-related portfolios. The objective of passive investing is to match, not beat, the return of a particular area of the capital markets. The benefits, relative to traditional "active" management, are superior long-term performance, broad diversification, consistency, low cost, and tax efficiency.

Our Value Added Indexing® approach results in a disciplined investment experience based on sound research and planning rather than predictions, emotions or trends.


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