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Rappaport Reiches Capital Management 

helping you Maximize Your Return On Life

How can we help maximize your return on life?     Let's Talk

Organizing and Clarifying

I need help getting organized, a clear picture of my financial situation.

Incorporate My Values

I would like to make long-term decisions based on what’s important to me.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

When can I retire? Can we maintain our lifestyle during our retirement years?

Investment Management

I need a disciplined investment approach. Tell me about Value Added IndexingTM.

Ongoing Monitoring and Updating

Can you help me monitor my financial situation, and make changes when needed?

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Our Team

Our team of wealth management experts brings significant experience and a holistic view to meet our clients’ needs. We have CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals, and investment advisors with backgrounds in taxation and estate planning. Our operations team was awarded Charles Schwab’s Operational Excellence Award in 2019.

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The Book - Maximize Your Return on Life

Shari Greco Reiches is a storyteller by nature. Her personal stories and related exercises will inspire you to maximize your return on life by learning how to spend your time and money on what you value most. The book explores:

  • Your early and profound memories of money— memories that shape your relationship with money today
  • Your Core Values—how to identify them and let them guide you in important decisions
  • Understandable financial planning and investing strategies
  • How to ensure that your loved ones are protected

In her book "Maximize Your Return on Life", Shari empowers investors to make smart money decisions by focusing first on what's truly important to them—their core values. By asking the right questions and fully understanding what matters most to her clients, Shari delivers invaluable advice that helps them stay invested and stick to their long-term plans.

-David Booth, Founder and Executive Chairman, Dimensional Fund Advisors.

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Would Your Family Know What to Do,
Just in Case?

Designed to provide crucial information should someone need to step in and take care of your affairs, our Just in Case guide is a resource that includes:

  • Contacts (family, friends, medical, emergency, professional)
  • Health and insurance information
  • Location of important records and documents


Are You Retirement Ready?

Do you have the confidence to answer your most important financial questions?

  • Can I maintain my lifestyle during my retirement years?
  • How much can I spend from my investments?

Completing our Retirement Ready Workbook is the first step in creating a comprehensive retirement financial plan that offers peace of mind.


Are you ready to
maximize your return on life?

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