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A Disciplined Approach to Investment Managment

Our Value Added Indexing™ approach offers
significant benefits relative to traditional “active” management.

We construct broadly diversified portfolios tailored to each client's individual needs. We utilize multiple asset classes, including stocks (U.S., international and emerging markets), bonds (taxable, tax-exempt, inflation-protected, international) and real estate securities (U.S. and international).

We have partnered with world class money managers such as Dimensional Fund Advisors and Vanguard. Each firm specializes in index-related or market tracking portfolios that look to match, not beat, the return of a particular area of the capital markets.

The benefits, relative to traditional "active" management, are superior long-term performance, broad diversification, consistency, low cost, and tax efficiency.

Our Core Investing Principles

Disciplined investing begins with our Core Principles, which serve as a serve as a framework
 and guide as we navigate the financial markets on behalf of our clients.

Asset allocation and planning determine success

Academic research concludes that investment returns are determined principally by an investor's mix of asset classes (stocks, bonds or cash), and not by whether an individual fund or stock "beat" the market. We focus on highly personalized planning that meet our clients' individual needs.

Long-term thinking, not short-term timing

The main determinant of real-life, long-term results is investor behavior. Most investors constantly change directions and lose the long-term rewards of the capital markets. Maintaining discipline ensures that a sound long-term plan is not abandoned due to the emotions of the day.

Diversification is the
most effective response
to uncertainty

Basing decisions on market predictions has a low probability of success. Broad diversification among areas of the markets provides the most proven means of lowering the variability of short-term performance, preserving capital during difficult periods, and generating attractive returns over the long-term.

Taxes and costs matter

Controlling costs (taxes, management fees and trading expenses) is a crucial aspect of maximizing returns. We utilize low expense funds that are highly tax-efficient.

Let the markets work for you, not against you

Research and practical experience provide clear evidence: efforts to "beat-the-market" are overwhelmingly negative. In any asset class, the only consistently superior performer is the market itself. Market tracking index and passive funds form the foundation of our approach.