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Organizing and Clarifying

Your Personal CFO checklist includes:

  • Cash flow and liquidity management
  • Comprehensive summary of overall net worth
  • Review of "outside" accounts such as 401(k)s
  • Review of estate planning documents and coordination with your attorney
  • Tax planning and coordination with your CPA
  • College funding and 529 plans
  • Charitable Giving Strategies, including Donor Advised Funds
  • Gifting to children and grandchildren
  • Insurance review (life, health, disability, long-term care)
  • Social Security claiming strategies

Often, the first step in relieving financial stress is to obtain a comprehensive view of your “big picture”.

Our Personal CFO checklist can help.

You have multiple brokerage accounts and IRAs. Old 401(k)s. Private investments. Real estate. Workplace benefits. Budgets. Insurance. It’s a lot to keep track of… We can help.

We start with creating your net worth statement, listing and categorizing all assets and liabilities. We discuss your sources of income, and spending. Our goal is to understand and document everything relevant to your financial “big picture”.

We will work with you to update your Personal CFO checklist over time, as circumstances change. You will appreciate the clarity that comes from our holistic overview.