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Alert - Scams Targeting Financial Institution Clients Thumbnail

Alert - Scams Targeting Financial Institution Clients

We want to alert you to a scam targeting financial institution clients.

The scam begins with a pop-up message received on your computer, appearing to be from either Microsoft or Apple, alerting you that your computer has been compromised. The pop-up message instructs you to call a provided “tech support” number. The phone number connects you to a hacker.

After speaking with the scammer, you will be contacted by someone impersonating a financial institution “security officer.” They will inform you that your account has been compromised and may ask for detailed information (account number, social security number, passwords etc.) regarding your accounts. They may even say that, due to security concerns, you should not speak to your investment advisor about this.

Their goal is to initiate a request to move money out of your account, based on having access to your credentials.

If you are a target of this scam:

•    Do not click on links or call any phone numbers listed in the computer pop-up. They are fake.

•    Always verify the phone numbers for tech providers or your financial institution independently.

•    Never grant remote access to your personal devices or to any websites with sensitive information, including your bank accounts and other financial institution accounts. 

•    Call your investment advisor. We will help you in determining if the requests from your financial institution are legitimate or how to follow up if your accounts have been compromised.

We remain vigilant about protecting our clients’ accounts. Please let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help.  

Karen L. Asbra, CFP®

Karen is a Senior Financial Advisor and Chief Operating Officer at Rappaport Reiches Capital Management.  Karen is a strategic partner to her clients, bringing discipline and clarity to achieving their goals. Please connect with Karen below. She loves to talk about investing, financial planning, and Broadway musicals.

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