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The Jewish High Holidays are always a time for reflection. Life slows down and we spend time thinking about the year behind and how we can better ourselves in the year ahead.  

At Beth Emet's services, I surveyed the room and felt a rush of gratitude. What a wonderful community!  

Webster defines community as a unified body of individuals.

Yes, my Beth Emet community meets this definition, but it is so much more. It is a community unified in spirituality, friendship, education, and family. We pray, learn, celebrate, laugh and cry together.  A community always there for me and my family.

I also started thinking about other communities for which I am grateful. Friends, work, nonprofit, civic... Over the past few years, I have joined several — tennis, bridge, and workouts. As life goes on, it is so important to add communities. In each one, we are all there for each other. A sense of belonging.  

Think about your communities and don’t take them for granted. Can you add a new one? Your values will guide you in the search.

Here it comes, the financial angle... Communities are both free and priceless. A key part of diversifying your life’s portfolio, and essential to Maximizing Your Return on Life.  

To all, Shana Tova, A Happy and Healthy New Year.


Shari Greco Reiches

Shari co-founded Rappaport Reiches Capital Management with one goal - to maximize the return on life for her clients. Please connect with Shari below. She loves to talk about investing, financial planning, and Barry Manilow.

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