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Do You Know Your Core Values? Thumbnail

Do You Know Your Core Values?

The last several months have been so difficult for so many people.  Still, I hope you have taken the time for the practice of gratitude.  There are such benefits in spending a little time each day reflecting on those things for which you are thankful.

Today I have a new task for you… take some time to revisit your Core Values.  

Core Values are the beliefs by which you strive to live. They are the priorities that you value most - such as family, meaningful work, or giving back to your community. Perhaps health and fitness, or the flexibility to come and go as you please.

Core Values are not possessions, activities or experiences. They are convictions about how you define yourself as a person. They bring about the most positive impact on your life.

They exist on the highest plane. For example, I would not view music as a Core Value.  But if a part of you yearns to express yourself creatively – well that is where you start. Creativity and expression are the values, music is the medium, and piano lessons may be the means.

Core Values act as a guide, and provide clarity, as you face major life decisions.  They can help you set goals and priorities. And it’s important to understand that Core Values change over time.

So how do you determine your Core Values?  The following questions will help to get you thinking: 

  • What brings energy to your life?
  • What do you strive to accomplish over time?
  • What achievements are you most proud of?
  • What areas within your life do you protect the most?  
  • Where are you willing to make the fewest compromises?
  • What qualities do the people you admire possess? 
  • What is the legacy you would like to leave?

Considering the questions above, look at the list below and write down any of the words that you feel could be one of your Core Values. Don’t think too hard - just start writing. If you come up with a Value that's not here, add that to your list as well.

Spend some time looking at your list, take a deep breath, and narrow it to your top 10 values.  Perhaps with some additional reflection you can narrow it to 5. (OK, overachievers, keep it at 10 if you need to!)

Keep the list handy as you think about how you spend your time and money.  Are your decisions guided by your Core Values?  Should they be?

We'll look at this more in my next few blog posts.

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