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Time to Check in on Yourself Thumbnail

Time to Check in on Yourself

Sam was at a coffee shop and politely asked Ms. Miller at the next table if she minded if he made a quick call.  She told him sure, go ahead.  Sam proceeded to call Mr. Jones.

Sam: Mr. Jones, I live in the neighborhood and was wondering if you would like someone to shovel your driveway this winter.

Mr. Jones:  I already have someone taking care of that for me.

Sam: Are you happy with the service provided?  

Mr. Jones:  I am very happy. He did a great job last year, but thank you for asking.

Sam:  Thank you for your time.  Perhaps I’ll check in next year.

Sam went back to working on his computer.  Ms. Miller then started chatting with him.

Ms. Miller:  I understand you might be looking for some shoveling work this winter.  I could use someone and would be happy to hire you.

Sam: Thank you for your interest, but I am booked solid.

Ms. Miller:  If you are so busy, why did you call Mr. Jones looking for work?

Sam:  Oh you see, I am the one who does the shoveling for Mr. Jones and I wanted to check in to make sure I was doing a good job. 

I heard a version of this story at our High Holiday services this year (The Jewish New Year is a time for reflection. Thanks to Rabbi Memis-Foler!)

As the year comes to a close, take some time to check in on yourself.  What were your financial goals for 2019?  What was the result?

Back in July I challenged you to start 6 “must complete” items in six weeks:  

  • Did you make that doctor’s appointment?
  • Did you get (update) your health care power of attorney?
  • Did you start a savings plan?
  • Did you update your estate plan?
  • Did you consider life/disability insurance?
  • Did you touch base with a friend or relative you have not talked to for some time?

If you are having trouble getting some of these things done, think about hiring a financial advisor to help you get organized. Email sreiches@rrcapital.com for suggestions…

The New Year is around the corner.  I hope it is a happy and healthy one for you and your loved ones. 

What are your financial priorities for 2020?  Write them down and don’t forget to check in on how you are doing.