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"Until Death Do Us Pod” – Liz Xilas talks Divorce and Money Matters Thumbnail

"Until Death Do Us Pod” – Liz Xilas talks Divorce and Money Matters

Click below for the latest episode of "Until Death Do Us Pod" as host Jay Dahlin sits down with Andrea Muchin, Partner with Schiller DuCanto & Fleck, and Liz Xilas, Senior Vice President and Senior Financial Advisor with Rappaport Reiches Capital Management, LLC, to discuss the importance of working with a financial advisor, particularly during a divorce. They share insights on long-term financial planning, tips for budgeting, 529 college savings, retirement, and more.
Divorce can bring significant financial challenges, making it crucial to have knowledgeable professionals on your team. Partnered with a seasoned family law attorney, a skilled financial advisor brings expertise in understanding of the financial intricacies of divorce which helps guide clients towards making informed decisions about their future.


Liz Xilas

Through a holistic approach Liz will help you to use your financial resources to achieve what you care about most in life. The result is a long-term, sleep well at night solution, aligned with your core values. Please connect with Liz below.  She loves to talk about investing, financial planning, and what new shows to binge watch.

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