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A Billion Thank Yous Thumbnail

A Billion Thank Yous

Recently RRCM's assets under management passed $1 billion dollars!

That's a big number, and an important one for our firm. Five years ago we initiated a strategic plan called "The Road to a Billion", with the goal of just about doubling our assets to hit that number.

Why did we go down this road? Why such an ambitious target? We had three reasons:

  • First, we believe strongly that our approach to planning and investing, The Maximize Your Return on Life Solution, has such a positive impact on our clients' lives. We simply wanted to make a difference for more people.
  • Next, we wanted to provide the maximum professional growth opportunities for our staff.
  • And finally — to have a dynamic, growing firm focused on an ambitious goal — that sounded like fun!

So five years ago, we started down the road. Our road map called for significant "organic" growth, meaning bringing in new clients! I know a thing or two about that...

We knew we had the "engines" in place — that's our terrific staff! Those engines had high-octane fuel (or strong batteries!) — that's an exceptional client experience, combined with a strong reputation in our community.

We knew we needed to work hard, and we'd have have fun along the way!

But I want to acknowledge and thank those most important to our success:


You, our clients, for your confidence in us. You, our staff, for your work ethic, expertise, and "can-do" attitude. You, our professional colleagues, for partnering with us. You, our friends and families, for your encouragement and support along the way.

What's next? A new road with an even bigger number as a goal? We've always known that the amount of assets we manage is a function of how well we serve our clients. If we continue to focus on them, the destination will be the right one.

A billion thank yous!


Shari Greco Reiches

Shari co-founded Rappaport Reiches Capital Management with one goal - to maximize the return on life for her clients. Please connect with Shari below. She loves to talk about investing, financial planning, and Barry Manilow.

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