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SIX - The Women Advisors of Rappaport Reiches Capital Management Thumbnail

SIX - The Women Advisors of Rappaport Reiches Capital Management

I recently saw the Broadway show SIX the Musical during my trip to London. What fun! The show is a modern recounting of the lives of the six wives of King Henry VIII, presented as a pop concert. The queens compete to become the pop group’s lead singer by singing and relating how much they suffered due to Henry. 

The catchy first song, “Ex-Wives”, is based on an English rhyme handed down through the ages. The song introduces the queens based on one word that describes the outcome of their marriage:

  • Divorced – Anna of Cleves
  • Beheaded – Anne Boleyn
  • Dead – Catherine of Aragon
  • Divorced – Katherine Howard
  • Beheaded – Catherine Parr
  • Survived – Jane Seymour

As the play progresses, we learn that there was more to these women’s lives than these six words. It’s very inspirational – see it if you get a chance!

As I left the show, something clicked. Six remarkable women... Our firm has six remarkable women financial advisors!

In an industry dominated by men, I am proud that 2/3rds of our advisors are women. Is this intentional? My business partner Dave Rappaport put it best, we don’t seek to hire women specifically, it's that when we are hiring, they just seem to be the best candidates. (To the three outstanding young men we recently hired as client service associates — I'm proud of you too!)

Having exceptional women advisors is important. A recent study showed that 36% of women felt patronized by their advisor.1

Just as the wives of Henry the 8th are described in one word, I thought it would be fun to do the same for our Six Women Advisors of Rappaport Reiches Capital Management

  • Empathetic – Liz Xilas
  • Analytical – Terri Velgara, CFP®
  • Efficient –   Karen Asbra, CFP®
  • Patient – Rhea Ravindran, CFP®
  • Compassionate – Kristyn Gibson, CFP®
  • Energetic – Me

If you know these remarkable women (ok, I am including myself — author's privilege), you know they are much more than one word. They are all accomplished professionals who go the extra mile for our clients. You can learn more about each of these women here.

I am proud to be part of the Six Women of Rappaport Reiches Capital Management. Who knows, maybe there will be a show named after us! 

Shari Greco Reiches

Shari co-founded Rappaport Reiches Capital Management with one goal - to maximize the return on life for her clients. Please connect with Shari below. She loves to talk about investing, financial planning, and Barry Manilow.

1. New York Life Investments, Women and Investing, 2018
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