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The Value Added Indexer Blog

by David Rappaport

3rd Quarter 2023 Market Review Thumbnail

3rd Quarter 2023 Market Review

The 3rd quarter of the year has given investors much to contemplate. Surprisingly strong economic activity led to an increase in bond yields. That proved to be a headwind for stocks, though year-to-date the returns on balanced portfolios remains positive.

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You Know More about Investing than You Think You Do Thumbnail

You Know More about Investing than You Think You Do

No matter how familiar we are with investing, we’ve all navigated uncertainty, weighed risks and rewards, and made carefully considered tradeoff decisions. Just by being human, we’ve been compelled to tackle the central challenges of life — which also happen to be the central challenges of investing.

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Forecasts, Wishes and Worries Thumbnail

Forecasts, Wishes and Worries

Dimensional's David Booth asks, "Do you really want to invest your hard-earned savings - the money you’ll need for your kids’ college or your own retirement - based on someone’s hunch or wish?"

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